Random Rant

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Just an observation really...

Can we ponder on the fact that 50 Cent looks like... well, I think, Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam. Drawing blanks?

No? Not really?
Still don't see it?
How bout now?

It's just me, right? He really doesn't look like a Pokemon, right?

A Bruh Moment

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I didn't do my annual Mother's Day post for Solange. Before you new readers get all up in arms, it's not a post from "Julez" to Solo. It's a post from The Management aka Person Behind The Pimp thanking Solange for being an awesome from what we can see and not making us shut this site down, suing in the process.

I don't know why I didn't make the post. I said I was gonna do it and Mother's Day came and left and I'll be damned... No post. If you're Solange and if you're reading this... Sorry. I like your hair, though. If you're from the Creole Camp and you're reading this, Hottie blink. Why are you here? Are they paying you? I'm willing to trick for a few dollars myself...

But I digress.

The point of this post and why it has to do with Mother's Day is this... Quincy Jones, Al B Sure Nigga With The Hair All Wavy Junior, made a Global Grind post about Mother's Day and his ratchet ass lifegiver/attention whore mom. Being an attention whore himself, I'm sure they get along wonderfully and that's where the love continues because they have the same ambitions of being famous by association. That MUST be why they are so weird together. Because... This shit right here...

I chose to express my love and devotion to my Mother, not only by presenting her with gifts and verbal means of appreciation, but by sharing my LOVE for her with the WORLD; A KISS!

Mother son kisses are harmless. But at a certain age, you and your child have to stop making out in public.

First off, this was a big juicy looking kiss. Both them closed they eyes. I may be looking way too much into it, but this pic is not-- It's on some different color shit.

Say it with me: BRUH!

Dickriding Obama

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If you want the ringtone, the MP3 is right HERE. I do it cuz I love ya