Vital Information: Bow Wow Wants Ciara

Lil' Creole Pimp Filed Under: Tags: , perform with him at Supafest in Australia.You know you remember that song they have together with the Super Mario melody. You know you remember that shit!

According to his actual Twitter, no Photoshop or nothing.

Bow Wow, read my font:


I accept that somewhere in the world (even Australia) you have fans that will claw their way through a life sized Taco Bell Quad Steak burrito, four times the marinated, juicy, succulent third degree burns and all to get to you, but are they tryna PAY to see you on that kinda level? Does your moms even go to your shows these days?

We'll let the tweets decide. They gotta be roasting you by now.

Yoga For Colored Folk

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According to, not many Keishas and Tamekas and Jalisas are down for the shalom namaste. Excuse me if that's incorrect, but like KeKe and Meka and LiLi, I don't know shit about yoga. I leave all that I am one with nature and fat trees need love too shit to Solange. I won't acknowledge her parental title on account of her Patra braids, but that's neither here nor there.

If you're like me and the only thing you know about yoga is what Wii Fit taught you, the clip below is just for you.

The Montana Fishburne can be interpreted to be a whole 'nother racehorse, but this blog is rated PG so nevermind all that. Notice how I slipped in like there was no six month absence? Get like me.