Full Clip: Rasheeda - O Lets Subliminally Shoot Nicki Minaj For Attention

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I don't condone the art of stanning. I'd much rather pick my nose until I finger bang my brain. Not a Minaj stan. That Barbie movement and all that other extra shit? Eh. But I do appreciate a good "snap" and all that junk. Nicki Minaj witty punchlines > Rasheeda's fifteenth attempt to go mainstream that goes overlooked by her um... Kayne shrug.

With lines like "Looked at my plane ticket all that bitch said was up," I'm compelled to draw blanks.

Wacka Flocka Flame's version was actually better. The new it girl minus butt period. I'm not ignoring the low budget shoot at all. Yes, I am. She needs to just stick to braiding her in her apartment and playing Evony in her spare time.

Good News/Bad News: 2009 Edition

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In 2009, well... Fuckery. End of post. 2009 ripped the needle of the fuckery meter. This year brought us so much stuff and most of it we did not want. Sit Indian style, while the heir of the Kreole Dynasty recaps the year that was so fucked up on so many levels.


You voted. It happened. There were tears. There were jeers. What confused me the most was Fox News-minded people's obsession with this lady's biceps:

GOOD NEWS: My president is Black. My Lambo is blue. I'll be got damned if my bills overdue.

BAD NEWS: America thought of Obama as the Barack the Magical Negro. Don't shade Paul Shanklin or Rush Limbaugh. All of y'all thought all problems were out the door and the second homie walked through the door ensured Utopia. Well isn't that cute? BUT ITS WRONG! Obama was put in office to supervise the country and make sure my EBT game stayed proper. True. His promises are um... not there yet. Maybe, but if anything he hasn't let anybody down. Everybody's expectations were just so high.

Kizzy moved out. One too many nukkabitches seemed to think her management was her worst enemy and she finally bought the hype. So she moved out. Kelly decided to go sip tea with the Queen in the UK and break bread with the Brits. I guess.

GOOD NEWS: All those pesky Americans comparing her to that Beyonce? Over.

BAD NEWS: Well... Kizzy moved out, so now there's no one to work the microwave for me. Thank God the Chef Boyardee cans come with pull tabs but I can't eat this shit cold.

Chris Brown and Rihanna got the fighting. Before the Grammies. In a Lambo. News sources around the world rang the alarm as everybody everywhere thought the same question. "Chris Brown can fight?"

GOOD NEWS: I got my first job as Chris Brown's life coach. Much like Lauren Lake to Drankie & Preggie, I taught Chris Brown how to express his bitchassness though tweets and YouTube links.

BAD NEWS: Goolging the Chrianna pic above somehow has that earworm of a song "Gimme That" stuck in my head.

Don't just stand there. JIG!

GOOD NEWS: The anthem of the year. Don't walk up and start talking. Immature Media ain't friendly!

BAD NEWS: Geisha will get snubbed at the Grammies. Petitions and demanded recounts are on deck.

Bowties. The de jour example of steezing on these heathens.

GOOD NEWS: C. Breezy thought the last day of August would be the perfect time to set the record straight. He showed up with all the fixings, including this festive ass neck accessory. I like to think Chris thought a pointdexter ass tie would make him look... non-intimidating. September unofficially became Bow Tie Awareness month.

BAD NEWS: Mama Joyce stumbled, Pretty Chrissy mumble, but that bowtie twankled and glissened.

Why is this shit important?

GOOD NEWS: You are all nerds.

BAD NEWS:  Jacob and Edward are imaginary. They are made up. They aren't real people. This "team" that you're on doesn't exist. You have all been lied to. It's a conspiracy. Run. Run from the machine, before it consumes you! Nerd. Team Precious.

The Great Chicken Shortage of 2009. Popeyes was selling chicken for the low-low and KFC was just giving it away. People everywhere were too lazy to go to the grocery store and/or cook, so why not? Black people showed their asses over a 2 piece that wasn't even fried. Throw some (D)s on that bitch.

GOOD NEWS: McDonald's wasn't top notch for like a week. People were lined up for something other than  a gaming console, the new Harry Potter, or Beyonce tickets.

BAD NEWS: I still have my coupon(s), Oprah.

College Hill: South Beach! It convinced that Florida is the premiere state of fuckery happenings and hoodrat shit. I'm just sure of it. Trina's from Florida. Geisha. T-Pain. The Bermuda Triangle. Spring Bling. Many of Tiger Woods's escapades. All that. But that's neither to nor fro. This is about College Hill!

GOOD NEWS:: That Damn K Wash learned us how to run him his damn money, put it in the microwave and humble slave ass bitches down. And a certain gif of him eating ribs on the stairs in his plaid coochie cutters.

BAD NEWS: We never did find out what happened to Terri or her Pigpen weave.

: (

GOOD NEWS: The child molestation jokes stopped and Michael appreciation erupted.

BAD NEWS: Good music will never be heard from ever again. Jermaine can't stop now, he got too much swag.

This. It's all bad news. And that's all I have to say about that.

Wrecks In Effect

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Not sure about this one, because I didn't get a full's nights rest so I'm seeing and half-seeing everything today but... Teddy Riley, a prominent face in R&B, new jack swing and magic gapped teeth, has been ordered to stay 100 yards away from his daughter Taja. Apparently, some shit happened, somebody got outta pocket, push came to shove and he... well...

Teddy abused her and her older sister by "stomping, punching and bashing them" in his L.A. home on December 23. According to the documents, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Taja claims at one point Teddy, "lifted a Rock Band guitar and threatened to kill person(s) w/ it."

Doesn't happen in my house. We go down swinging like real Creoles. Not that this is a laughing matter or nothing. I'm just saying... If my Momma come at me about talking slick about her on Formspring, she ain't gotta hit me with a Wii Balance Board... Yo', this was two days before Christmas so was the Rock Band guitar a present and he... Never mind.

I'll Watch For Fannie's Dramatic Mole Faces

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It's gonna take a lot of fuckery to get me to keep up with celebrity reality TV. Sorry. When I want everyday reality TV, I'ma watch Lockup on MSNBC. Peeping this clip out... I'm looking for a breakout star on Fantasia's upcoming reality show. Six second mark. I pray that's the star. I pray every three scenes homie is mad or crying in this same emotive state. Good fuckery is rare these days.

Fanny Mae's show premieres Jan 11th on VH1.

Winter Break Begat Youth Fuckery

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Being a celebrity youth, I know I have to uphold a certain image and provide morals for other people's kids. I try to cut back on baby shakings, tire slashings, and the obligatory temper tantrum encourage by hours Grand Theft Auto. For some reason, I want to be this guy when I grow up.

But without the childhood obesity.

Full Clip: MJJ: This Is It

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Michael Jackson - This Is It - Directed by Spike Lee from 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks on Vimeo.

Random Rant

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I don't think you understand what's going on in this clip here. Homie humped an Xbox 360. Homie humped an Xbox 360. I don't play parent to anybody,besides my own with her bald-headed/different steelo ham burning ass, but these parents... I got a bone to pick with these parents. Junior shoulda got a Wii on the grounds that he'd have to get up and be somewhat active to play it. Judging by that B-cup chest, I don't think he sees too much physical activity.

Just saying.

Message From The Management

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Readers looka here,

Every now and then you come across something that ain't major...but still. Ain't this some shit?

If you're drawing blanks: I was on Formspring doing what I do. Answering questions and pissing people off. One COMMENTER told me that if one Google Image searched the term "fuckery" a pic from LCP's Comic Fuckery staple was the first entry shown. This was kinda something I didn't believe unless I could see it. And I'll be damn. The infamous "Ashanti's voice terrorizes all" pic is the de facto image of fuckery. Hold your applause. (The term "comic fuckery" could get picked up by a fuckery search, but still...)

If you like mushy shit: This is kind of an honor. I don't know how Google works, but I always that of it like this: The most relevant or most searched items were closest to number one and if that's true then... wow. I always figured Google Image search would retrieve these three things instead: 1) Amy Winehouse since she kinda made the word. 2) A pic of some next level crazy shit with the url "" watermark plastered across it. 3) Something pertaining to Lil' Mama's jaw line. Kinda surprising that my dumb joke is actually something to somebody. Makes a blogger's day.

If you're looking for new content: I want to update everyday at least twice this week since it's the last week of the year. If enough new fuckery is afoot then it looks mighty promising. If not, I'll force myself to do one of those recap lists or something. I will try not to let y'all down.

In the name of Julez we trust, let the blog say YEAH!

If anybody reading knows how to tweak blog layouts, XML CSS and that shit, please get at me on Twitter.

Holly On The Sleeves!

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If you ever once said, "Bah humbug" today then I got something to turn your beat around. BarretTV of course! Peep the holly on the sleeves and the poinsettias on the trim and the S on the chest and white sounding kids. It's beginning to look alot like Xmas.

Happy Holidays from Hadley Street.

Come The Fuck On!

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Y'all gone have to forgive me, because I just found out George Carlin has been dead since 2008 and I thought he was still running round the globe, chilling and shit. I feel very late so...

KERRVILLE, Texas (AP) - Prosecutors will review the case of a woman authorities claim has called 911 30 times over six months for non-emergency reasons, including a call to complain that her husband refused to eat his dinner.

...Police were dispatched to the residence and officer Paul Gonzales said police were told by her that "her husband did not want to eat his supper." A police report said the 53-year-old woman was also yelling "about things that happened two weeks ago."

The woman now faces charges of 911 abuse. [SOURCE]

I feel like this was an episode of Mama's Family. I only think the cops give a fuck now, because Xmas is around the corner and they didn't want her calling because nobody wanted her fruitcake. In her defense, recession. Waste. Food. Get. Shot.

Cut the check.

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I'm digging Formspring. QUESTIONS?

Comic Fuckery

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This bitch skipped me in line, yo'. I was posed to get my Battle Strikers rung up next, bruh. That shit ain't fair! That shit ain't fair!

For more Wal-Mart fuckery visit PEOPLE OF WAL-MART tell'em danYeezy sent ya.

Dancing Queen

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Get into this GloWorm going hard. His tuna on fire and his shit don't stank! The water bottle part? I can't hate. I sweated just watching him sweat. I was waiting for a Leyomi drop so I could see if my ground shook like his would have in the vid, too but... wish in one hand, shit in the other. Which fills first?

Jori sends me shit like this all the time. Yet, I still reply to her tweets like she's a real friend. I hate you a little more each day, Jori.

Creole Dynamics

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Slap me for thinking they'd be a Kwanza fam this year. Fuck what ya heard, my fam ain't this cruel. Ya see how Kimora is all dolled up and the baby is all precious while the kids look like slightly tragic. Slighty. Pokemon Dijimon Monsoon is a buster for putting that holiday Cosby sweater on.

Props to Q of Madbloggers. His idea for a remake of THREE'S COMPANY looks promising to me, too.

Sound Bytes: Weezy Wee

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Although, Wayne is slated to go in when T.I. comes out [jail... I meant jail.], that doesn't mean he can't drop a few records beforehand. The homie ROBO3K Lil' Mama bounced us a track of Wayne and 'Em and well... I'll let Robo tell ya what happened.

Ok, so here’s what happened. Wayne called Em and was like, “Ayo… come hop on this track!” and then Em was like, “Only if I can murder you on your own song…” and Wayne was like, “Mmmm… Promethazine!” and then Em murdered Wayne on his track.

And there it is.

Twitter Is On My Nerves

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The title says it all. Twitter is on my nerves. That's neither good nor bad. It's complex even though it sounds really simple. For starters, my GRANNY and my TEE-TEE got pages up on there and that shit ain't cool bruh. I mean damn, my momma and Wale ol' booger nose bougie ass already on there. Now these two? Why you think I'm avoiding Facebook?

But that ain't the half. It seems like what seemed to be a good thing, has "faulted itself". You know how you follow me (you do follow me, right?) and you see me tweeting funny shit to funny people? So you follow them? And then they follow you? And so on and so forth until it's one big MyCircle type affair? Sounds cool on paper, but it ain't.




Because originality has been AWOL since the season finale of The Basic Bitches of Buckhead. Every thing The Chama say, every thing Fresh and 'nem say, every thing Lil Big Kim and Big Lil Kim and Medium Small Kim say ends up repeated twelve times the next day as if it's still funny. Basically plain ass basic tweets are becoming retweets without the "RT" in them.

If I sound like I'm in a bad mood, really I'm not. Maybe I should switch from my "Take It Down For All The Lovers Out There" iTunes playlist to my "Fuck The World And The Horse It Rode In On" playlist. Actual playlist names. R&B makes me think and Hip-Hop [any kind] makes me jig. Shit, I'd jig to a Mos Def track, to an Algebra track, to Uncle Joe exclusive. But I digress.

That's not my only fault with Twitter, y'all. Besides "exclusive" circles that we all fuck and fight within, there are "inclusive" circles, if those are real words. These inclusive circles are like six degrees of separation in Twitter form. It's probably the only way you could link Ciara to the Billboard charts or Omarion to some pussy. In these inclusive circles, everybody is connected to everybody. Motherfuckers you ain't never heard of, don't know them from a box of washing powder, pop up in your timeline via @replies or that bogusoity-laced official RT button. I love receiving love in my @replies. I hate seeing strangers in my timeline via RT. Sometimes they be ugly as hell. Sometimes they be so pretty, I'm caught off guard. Sometimes... I can't. Either way, I'd like to wake up from this beautiful nightmare.

But that's not even it... It's... this:

That's my homie. We don't beef no more but still... This?

Ion't want no homo ass Goldeen.





compared to



I'm Not Going To Hell For Y'all

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Can't lie. I was jigging. They church practices Casual Sunday like a mug. They took tithes during youth choir's "Ego (Jesus Is My Savior)? Fresh your check is in the mail ----> I'm waiting to attend service the preacher says "Can Sister Becky please say amen!?" Hidden context clues: Jesus is packing? Just for reading that, you're going to hell.

Full Clip: Rad Bromance

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You and yo' homie got ya own secret handshake? Ya like to help him manscape? Ya fam think you hitting it? Calling you homosectional slur terms? Don't trip. Tell 'em its a Rad Bromance!

TV Court > Baby Mama-ing

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For technicolor wigs and lacefronts [©Beyonceitis], visit BARRETTV on Youtube. For intense fuckery peep the vid above. I promise you life is over and the end is nigh, because suing people from YouTube on TV is the next "have a baby by Wayne, baby. Be a Young Money female recording artist". These niggas got 500 hunnid to appear on Christina's Court. Person Behind The Pimp is about to sue Solange* for emotional damages due to my paranoia that she is out to shut down my site.

SIDEBAR: Barret was supposedly suing Tiger Woods lil' brother**, but don't quote me on that.

*Jokes. Please don't sue me. I'm DEAD broke.
**More jokes. Tell me they don't favor each other though.

Could Your Silverware Slowly Give You Rabies?

Lil' Creole Pimp Filed Under: Tags: , , at eleven. But right now, let's talk about something that may actually happen.

Taylor Swift may snatch us all bald in 2010. Me. You. Yo' momma. Yo' cousin too. Why? Ion't know. Blame Kanye. Blame Beyonce. I mean, really. Blame them. Some drunk man gave a drunk rant on national TV about some Marmalade being did dirty and it aired back to back in one night and was scrutinized like a motor scooter the following days. INTO OBLIVION! Not that it got on our nerves or anything.

But that's neither here nor there.

Taylor Swift is blowing the fuck up. Don't get me wrong. Miss Swift was well on her way to super stardom... In her respective genre. She was killing the game. The country game. She was selling more than any other relevant, semi-relevant, and otherwise bitch in the game. Any game. Country. Hip-Hop. R&B. New Jack Swing. Jacks. Uno. House. Any game imaginable. Taylor's record "Fearless," available on iTunes, Amazon, and my trunk was selling. She was selling records. Selling 'em out! Fearless was selling out like Micheal Steele.

But that's neither here nor there nor Wal-Mart, where Fearless is also available.


Taylor was something to fuck with. Now naturally, if Taylor wished to sell music to a broader audience of people in this day and age, only one thing would have crossed the minds of the people backing her. Crossover appeal. Now I'm not sure if Fearless was that album or not, because I'm not big on my Taylor Swift or my country music. I've decided that country music isn't my cup of tea, much like time travel. Time travel is too close to yesterday and yesterday is too close to slavery, not saying country music is too close to slavery.

But that's neither here nor there nor Wal-Mart across from Planned Parenthood, down the street, where Fearless, Taylor Swift's CRITICALLY ACLLAIMED album is available for purchasing and leasing.


I keep digressing before I get the chance to get to my point. What this post is about is Grammy night. Beyonce is up for about most of the damn show. Taylor isn't too far behind, and that's quiet alright. She deserves it. She's doing what no other country star managed to do. Become relevant in music's forefront without being the butt of a joke by a majority. Hell, even Miley "Buss It Wide Open And Tell Her Bring The Best Of Both Worlds Back" Cyrus is becoming a lampshade* of her own self.

My problem is... Taylor's success was earned yet given to her. Kanye's antic caused many a motherfucker to pity Taylor. Now I don't know about you, but I know about us. Speaking on behalf of the fine people in the Chama Affialites, "You can take your pity and shove it." Pity is stupid. Sympathy's cool. Pity? Pity is what I feel for Ciara and LeToya. They working for it, but can't get it and they just look silly which makes me feel bad for 'em. Pity is what I feel for Usher's post-marriage career. Guesting on Gucci Mane tracks when you were once the shit in your own right(s)? I guess.

But that's neither here nor there nor Wal-Mart which is on the way to Planned Parenthood which is not too far from Checkers where the album's release party will be held. Hopefully. Which is where Taylor Swift's Fearless is being handed to those who purchase any combo meal on the menu.


Taylor has risen to stardom, respectively. Her backers have done well by her. Kayne did her a huge favor. MTV, The View, Ellen, Helen, Gellin', Melon all hyped up the affair, which seemed appropriate at the time, but in hindsight. I mean like... why? John Mayer said it best.

“If you just woke up now [after sleeping under a rock for a quarter decade Patrick Star style. -LCP] and you looked at the backlash on Kanye you’d think that he actually firebombed the stage."

I doubt we'd been this hateful towards bin Laden if we ever found him lounging in Sunshine Cab Company's garage, where he's really hiding. Okay, maybe not. But dammit the persecution of Yeezy would be the equivalent to the prosecution of bin Laden. I'm telling y'all! He is on the set of ABC's Taxi, chillaxing and shit!

But that's neither here nor there nor Wal-Mart some hundred miles outside of 30 Rockerfeller Plaza, which is surprisingly located near a Planned Parenthood, where Taylor Swift's album "Fearless" is being hocked by a street vendor.


I swear that's my last time digressing, you guys. The point is this... If another Taylor Swift beats Beyonce in a section of the award (if it's a questionable win)... I mean, let's dig up some old skeletons while we're at it. Beyonce won Video of the Year at the VMAs, yet she lost Best Female Video. If Beyonce had the best video overall, then by the transitive property she had the best female video. Matter fact... FUCK IT.

I digress. Yes, I digressed. I said I wasn't, but I lied. I digress.

If that shit happens again, believe you me. Taylor be nimble. Taylor be quick. Taylor gon' prove why they call her swift. Also Kanye is nom'd, but I'm sure they'll fuck him over since the world is not through torturing him. Anytime YT has a chance to torture the dark butts, YT does it.

*Lameshade hanging (or simply lampshade) - any element that threatens the audience's willing suspension of disbelief by calling attention to it... and then moving on. [SOURCE: TvTropes]

Sound Byte

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I don't know how to say this... So I suggest you have a seat. It's kinda hard for me to tell you this but... Tee-Tee and Alicia Keys-To-Your-Home-When-You're-At-Work have a track together and... it has a distinct Keyshia Cole rhyme scheme. You read right... The song you're about to witness has a very... eh... life rhymes with right, trust, down and baby... eh... lyrical rhyme scheme. But the beat is knocking. I mean if Rihanna can get away with it, then why not these two?

What kinda dream is this? Audio provided by Sam at Grape Juice. No grape juice if ya don't get loose!


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The Wig Crypt still hasn't found a single person to permanently fill Kizzy's void as co-managerial custodial spokeswoman and none of you nukkabitches filled out the job application. Unemployed? There's an APP for that.

1) What they call you in the streets? What would they call you on a VH1 show?

2) Are you here?

3) Are you there?

4) Are you Wal-Mart down the street from Planned Parenthood?

5) That's getting old right?

6) What does Sabor de Soledad taste like?

7) You don't know what I mean do you? Just draw a diagram.

8) Which team? Chris or Rihanna? Before you answer, I'd like to introduce you to my friend...


9) Do you know where I can find Felicia? She borrowed my DVD player and I just got Season 2 of "Go! Diego! Go!" and I wanna get into that fuckery real bad!

10) What kinda undiscovered beauty do you posses inside?

11) Are you tryna get verfied?

12) You'll be verified, as soon as I'm verified.

13) AZ Lyrics is on the phone. They want you to stop posting incorrect spellings on their site. Would you like to speak with them or shall I take a message?

14) Are you kin to a famous rapper? As of late, not like Kriss Kross famous. I mean like right now famous.

15) Is Lori Beth Denberg alive or what? I heard she was stabbed to deceasedment and I feel like the world went 'nanners after she left the chair on "Vital Information: For Your Everyday Life". While she was there, the young'ns had some fucking sense.

If you not halfway comatose, I am. B.S.

16) Also, after All That was "de-urbanized" did it not suck or what?

17) I want some animal crackers in the worst way. If I sent you to the store to fetch me something besides animal crackers what would you bring me?

18) If Kizzy came back and wanted her old job, how fast could you empty your desk and be pulling out of the House of Dereon Media Centre's parking lot?

19) If not Fresh, then who?

20) Caldonia? Define it.

21) Is it easy to love me now? Would you love me if I was down and out?

Grade A Fuckery

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I blame the Internet for making music production software and licensed instrumentals of yesteryear so damn readily accessible.

Don't Need A Title For This

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Uncle Russell donates his two cents to the Tiger Wood's hoeshit epidemic that Alicia Keys brought to the forefront and Karrine pioneered. Before you read the quote, imagine him saying this with the heavy lisp, fat tongue, and barrage of curse words. I WILL NOT DO A LOST IN TRANSLATION, but I was tempted.

"A woman [no matter what race] will smash your windshield if she finds out that you got girls all over the country. Whether they use a golf club, a football helmet, a baseball bat or a preacher’s wife using a heavy cross… You can say hello to the guys at auto body shop for me." [SOURCE]

God is love. Rev Run.

Team Chunk Took A Hit Today

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I'll. be. damned. if. this. ain't. the. fuckery. to. end. all. fuckery. Get at him ladies. All that gutty is for y'all and I know you birds want a piece. This cat call himself Young Melo, but to me he's just the Creole version of Goo Berry. Team Chunk, come get ya fam.

And that's all I have to say about  that.