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The Wig Crypt still hasn't found a single person to permanently fill Kizzy's void as co-managerial custodial spokeswoman and none of you nukkabitches filled out the job application. Unemployed? There's an APP for that.

1) What they call you in the streets? What would they call you on a VH1 show?

2) Are you here?

3) Are you there?

4) Are you Wal-Mart down the street from Planned Parenthood?

5) That's getting old right?

6) What does Sabor de Soledad taste like?

7) You don't know what I mean do you? Just draw a diagram.

8) Which team? Chris or Rihanna? Before you answer, I'd like to introduce you to my friend...


9) Do you know where I can find Felicia? She borrowed my DVD player and I just got Season 2 of "Go! Diego! Go!" and I wanna get into that fuckery real bad!

10) What kinda undiscovered beauty do you posses inside?

11) Are you tryna get verfied?

12) You'll be verified, as soon as I'm verified.

13) AZ Lyrics is on the phone. They want you to stop posting incorrect spellings on their site. Would you like to speak with them or shall I take a message?

14) Are you kin to a famous rapper? As of late, not like Kriss Kross famous. I mean like right now famous.

15) Is Lori Beth Denberg alive or what? I heard she was stabbed to deceasedment and I feel like the world went 'nanners after she left the chair on "Vital Information: For Your Everyday Life". While she was there, the young'ns had some fucking sense.

If you not halfway comatose, I am. B.S.

16) Also, after All That was "de-urbanized" did it not suck or what?

17) I want some animal crackers in the worst way. If I sent you to the store to fetch me something besides animal crackers what would you bring me?

18) If Kizzy came back and wanted her old job, how fast could you empty your desk and be pulling out of the House of Dereon Media Centre's parking lot?

19) If not Fresh, then who?

20) Caldonia? Define it.

21) Is it easy to love me now? Would you love me if I was down and out?

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