Sound Byte

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I don't know how to say this... So I suggest you have a seat. It's kinda hard for me to tell you this but... Tee-Tee and Alicia Keys-To-Your-Home-When-You're-At-Work have a track together and... it has a distinct Keyshia Cole rhyme scheme. You read right... The song you're about to witness has a very... eh... life rhymes with right, trust, down and baby... eh... lyrical rhyme scheme. But the beat is knocking. I mean if Rihanna can get away with it, then why not these two?

What kinda dream is this? Audio provided by Sam at Grape Juice. No grape juice if ya don't get loose!

1 Response to "Sound Byte"

  1. M.J. Says:
  2. Tee-Tee put in another phone reference. She sure loves her cell phone. (*Destiny's Child backup vocals* phooooooooooone!)

    But I like it.