Twitter Is On My Nerves

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The title says it all. Twitter is on my nerves. That's neither good nor bad. It's complex even though it sounds really simple. For starters, my GRANNY and my TEE-TEE got pages up on there and that shit ain't cool bruh. I mean damn, my momma and Wale ol' booger nose bougie ass already on there. Now these two? Why you think I'm avoiding Facebook?

But that ain't the half. It seems like what seemed to be a good thing, has "faulted itself". You know how you follow me (you do follow me, right?) and you see me tweeting funny shit to funny people? So you follow them? And then they follow you? And so on and so forth until it's one big MyCircle type affair? Sounds cool on paper, but it ain't.




Because originality has been AWOL since the season finale of The Basic Bitches of Buckhead. Every thing The Chama say, every thing Fresh and 'nem say, every thing Lil Big Kim and Big Lil Kim and Medium Small Kim say ends up repeated twelve times the next day as if it's still funny. Basically plain ass basic tweets are becoming retweets without the "RT" in them.

If I sound like I'm in a bad mood, really I'm not. Maybe I should switch from my "Take It Down For All The Lovers Out There" iTunes playlist to my "Fuck The World And The Horse It Rode In On" playlist. Actual playlist names. R&B makes me think and Hip-Hop [any kind] makes me jig. Shit, I'd jig to a Mos Def track, to an Algebra track, to Uncle Joe exclusive. But I digress.

That's not my only fault with Twitter, y'all. Besides "exclusive" circles that we all fuck and fight within, there are "inclusive" circles, if those are real words. These inclusive circles are like six degrees of separation in Twitter form. It's probably the only way you could link Ciara to the Billboard charts or Omarion to some pussy. In these inclusive circles, everybody is connected to everybody. Motherfuckers you ain't never heard of, don't know them from a box of washing powder, pop up in your timeline via @replies or that bogusoity-laced official RT button. I love receiving love in my @replies. I hate seeing strangers in my timeline via RT. Sometimes they be ugly as hell. Sometimes they be so pretty, I'm caught off guard. Sometimes... I can't. Either way, I'd like to wake up from this beautiful nightmare.

But that's not even it... It's... this:

That's my homie. We don't beef no more but still... This?

Ion't want no homo ass Goldeen.





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9 Responses to "Twitter Is On My Nerves"

  1. M.J. Says:
  2. Zahara got a Twitter.

  3. maliasasha Says:
  4. Don't get Z mad...yall do make a cute couple. BTW what ugle stick they beaten Shilow wit? lol
  5. maliasasha Says:
  6. -ugly-
  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. thanks for share..................................................
  9. flowers Says:
  11. Jorielle Says:
  12. why im just now seeing this? why yo tee-tee link broke? you really dont love her no more after uncle camelton aint let you on stage? its gon be okay lil 'terror bang
  13. Jorielle Says:
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  15. Anonymous Says:
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  17. "D" Oncye Says:
  18. Y am I just now reading this? Lmfaoooo!