Come The Fuck On!

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Y'all gone have to forgive me, because I just found out George Carlin has been dead since 2008 and I thought he was still running round the globe, chilling and shit. I feel very late so...

KERRVILLE, Texas (AP) - Prosecutors will review the case of a woman authorities claim has called 911 30 times over six months for non-emergency reasons, including a call to complain that her husband refused to eat his dinner.

...Police were dispatched to the residence and officer Paul Gonzales said police were told by her that "her husband did not want to eat his supper." A police report said the 53-year-old woman was also yelling "about things that happened two weeks ago."

The woman now faces charges of 911 abuse. [SOURCE]

I feel like this was an episode of Mama's Family. I only think the cops give a fuck now, because Xmas is around the corner and they didn't want her calling because nobody wanted her fruitcake. In her defense, recession. Waste. Food. Get. Shot.

Cut the check.

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