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For technicolor wigs and lacefronts [©Beyonceitis], visit BARRETTV on Youtube. For intense fuckery peep the vid above. I promise you life is over and the end is nigh, because suing people from YouTube on TV is the next "have a baby by Wayne, baby. Be a Young Money female recording artist". These niggas got 500 hunnid to appear on Christina's Court. Person Behind The Pimp is about to sue Solange* for emotional damages due to my paranoia that she is out to shut down my site.

SIDEBAR: Barret was supposedly suing Tiger Woods lil' brother**, but don't quote me on that.

*Jokes. Please don't sue me. I'm DEAD broke.
**More jokes. Tell me they don't favor each other though.

6 Responses to "TV Court > Baby Mama-ing"

  1. dylansmith1984 Says:
  2. These past 2 Barret posts are almost enough to break my soul. WHY do people pay him attention again? He is doing the MOST and is starting to make Tila Tequila seem hydrated (leave that thirst at the Aquafina plant, Boo). SMFuckingH
  3. BarrettTV Says:
  4. I see i have a hater...smh..jealous much? *sips tea*

    anyway,idk who u are who runs this blog,but thanks for whoring me...u know i need it lol
  5. M.J. Says:
  6. Is this how we get dressed for court? In a plaid vest and skinny jeans? and a Michael Evans afro?

    Change in 2010, my people. Change in 2010.
  7. Rissa: Head of Daily S.O.S. Operations Says:
  8. YouTube is worth a lawsuit?
    I can't!

    And he said "I'm like the Pope"?!

  9. Rissa: Head of Daily S.O.S. Operations Says:
  10. P.S. MJ: You owe me a cup of white chai because I choked on mine and damn near killed the MacBook reading that comment.
  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. Interessant!