Full Clip: The Real Best I Ever Had

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"When I grab the mic and spit I oscillate my hand like this" will be the new Crank Dat Soulja Boy in about three months.

*steps back*

*lean forward*

*pivots shoulder*


The Return Of Grade A Fuckery

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If you not following @imnancybaby by now, you don't love the Lord nor do you love NeNe.

No words are needed.

You'Ve Offically Been Shopped & Screwed

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Knowing that PETA don't get along with my family, this is what you do, Nia? They keep takin' all the good jobs, huh, Nia? If it comforts you any, I mistook Tamala Jones for you earlier today.

Keep it moving, people.

Bad Boy This, Bad Boy That

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Bad Boy beat you down with a baseball bat. CHECK THE CREDITS, HO!

Apparently, Sara Stokes... the mulatto one from Making the Dee Aye Bee Aye En Dee... got locked up for stabbing her husband, Tony. Now I know why Tony don't call no mo'.  I don't know why she hasn't stabbed him before now. When she was on MTB2, Tony seemed a whole lotta controlling and scream-prone. I saw this coming...

FRESH has the scoop.

Lost in Translation

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If you been living under a rock, you probably haven't heard about Drake kicking and bucking his way back into a wheelchair. That's bad for business and quite funny when you think about it. Tweet about it. Blog about it. Such fuckery. First let's check in with our brother-in-fuckery [KID FURY]. Good? Cool... Now let's see what Drake had to say about the slip up.

This bottle of Opus One is low but my spirits are high my friends. I am about 2 hours away from Toronto, CA where I will be spending the next chunk of time recovering from a surgery that I now must have. I embarked on this tour with a torn ACL, MCL, and LCL and due to the events that happened the other night lord only knows what other damage I have done. On the bright side I will begin the reflecting and soul searching that its going to take to make this album and my outfit on the night I fell was crack. I will forever push myself beyond the limits despite advice and recommendations given because even with this new found success I am still the kid who wanted this more than anything in the world. Its funny when I read comments from previous fans who have lost interest because of the radio play and exposure I have. I just want to assure anyone reading that nothing has changed on my end. I refuse to get comfortable, I refuse to fall in line and follow anyone elses formulas. I still work as if So Far Gone had never dropped and I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to gain entry to this game.

“Missing someone gets easier everyday. Because, even though it is one day further from the last time you saw each other, it is one day closer to the next time you will”

See you soon.

This is what he really meant.

This wheelchair may be occupied once again, but I'm not sad my friends. I'm going home so my momma can fix my some chicken and dumplings and my doctor can whoop my ass and have some surgery and shit. I took my no rhythm having ass and tried to fly on stage and well... you saw the video. On the bright side, I can take this opportunity to do guest spots on Degrassi. I got my own wheelchair this time, so they won't have to spend money on a prop or nothing. My castmates will forever have to push me beyond the limits, despite really wanting to or not. It's my fault though. I jumped my Eyeore from Winnie the Pooh by the eyes looking ass on stage despite advice and recommendations given because with this newfound success, I'm starting to become a tool. And I wanted this more than anything in the world. I read a few funny comments from previous fans who have lost interest because radio play and exposure and Lil' Wayne using my face as a nut holster has skewed the appeal I once had for something a little more mainstream. I just want to assure anyone reading that nothing has changed on my end. I refuse to get comfortable in this unpadded chair. The doctor ordered me a motorized one with all the fixings so when I get that one, then I'll get comfortable. I refuse to fall in line, but believe me... When my post-surgery bed rest is over, I will fall again. A wise mind [by the name of @TittySalad -LCP] once said, "I refused to humble my motherfucking self down so God decided to turn me into Wheelchair Jimmy for real." It's true. It's how I'm going to earn entry into this game.

"Some shit about missing a wheelchair."

In all fairness, I listened to Drake a couple of times before Lil' Wayne even knew what a Degrassi was. This was back when he was still on that show and rapped on the side. He had the hot lines and the potential. He just wasn't saying all the clichéd rap artist shit... y'know... Women, sex, drugs, partying. The majority of what I heard didn't contain any of the above. I'm not knocking his success. But homie... You done got put on and got Creole.

One day I'm gonna log on the Internet and find out you have a prosthetic leg. That's what I fear.