He Said, She Said.

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My Granny said that Tee-Tee is chunking deuces after this Sasha Fierce shit is done with so my momma can take her spot as the head Knowles in charge.

My Pop Pop told me that it was against his best interest to let Tee-Tee retire, but Granny had put it on him SO good one night, he just couldn't say no. He had her saying "No, don't stop" or some shit like that....

My Cousin Angie said she's tired of carrying around the brown paper sack full of Fire Engine No. 3 red lip gloss.

My Aunt Kiz said she admires any choice that Tee-Tee makes and she hopes that she can find a cigarette mascot to snatch her up, put a ring on her, knock her up, and pay her way on the senior citizen discounted price when they go to the picture show.

That Millie chick said she wants some time off but the Wig Crypt needs her now more than ever.

That Rihanna chick said "This baahd. This 'ery, badman. No way me get Grammy now daht she bahck. What I do? What I do? Muhdda, told me days like this come. I seen I shoulda lissen."

That Sandra Rose chick said, "At night. When ya for and I'm alone. I feel the fabric of your freakum dress flow over my body."

That Beyonceitis fool gone say I pimped his style and jacked his swagger.

What is you gone say?

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