They Let Me Out The Pen To See Obama Grind Up On Michelle

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It's true. My Tee-Tee put in a petition for me to see her sing for the lovely Obamas, who I'm sure will write me a pardon for busting up Bobby Buford's BBQ Hall & Bingo Hut. What you frowning up for? When I say I want hot wings, don't send me no damn semi-mild wings. I like for my shit to be damn near ablaze when they send it to my table, thank you very much. And if it's any other way, somebody's gonna be checking into ER holding they brain in one hand and they heart in the other. I don't play that shit... I don't care if mon Président est noir... I still tote steal.

I'ma change one day though. Just for Sasha...

This picture makes me ask the infamous question, "Where my Daddy at?"
Nappy hair, don't care.

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