Dear Solange

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I know I may be the devil with a keyboard [in your eyes], but I don't want it to be this way. I know that one day you plan on catching me in a Wal-Mart, bent over in the produce section, picking some nice fresh greens for my momma and you'll turn over your shopping cart on my ass. I know this. And it's because of this blog. Insert sad face here.

I know a lot can happen to damage your family. I mean, look at Kizzy... And there you have it. So sometimes this place is not ideal or suitable for children. Particularly your child. He's as cute as a button and I bet as bad as Latarian Milton, but that's just me judging children. I don't really care for the under ten variety. Don't ever ask me to babysit. For real, for real. You won't recognize your kids when you come pick them up, if you leave them with me. Ask some of my kinpeople if you think I'm lying. One bitch might suggest you call CPS, but that won't really work... I don't have kids for nobody to take away. Praise God.

But I digress.

This may be a half-assed attempt at showing you, I do have a heart and I'm not out to destroy your one true source of happiness. Don't listen to Gabrielle Union, boo. She ain't nobody. Her performance in "Bring It On" was lackluster and "Deliver Us From Eva" is a BET Blackbuster special every 6th of the month. Blogs aren't the devil. Bloggers aren't the devil. Sometimes it's the content. Most of the time, it's the readers willingness to Google search "Creole Pimp" and come here and read about fifty posts before they really decide, "This is some straight up nigotry and I will have no parts of it".

Again, I digress.

The point of this entry was to appreciate you on "your" day. It may not be heartfelt, it may not be totally sincere, but it is somewhat real. Are you confused, yet? I sure am. Let's be confused together, that way we can finally see eye-to-eye. But don't see this as a half-assed gift, because if this was a real Lil' Creole Pimp post, he woulda said he got you a big ol' hug, all the love in his Creole heart and a box of Baby Jamz crayons so he can help you color your outfits and look Solange Fierce.

Hope you doing well your with your life, liberty, and your pursuit of tackiness.

Happy Mother's Day

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