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G'evening, fam. For those of you who was looking for that purp today at my usual SPOT [COMMENT BOX], sorry for my absence, but like Jeezy say... "I GOT SHIT TO DO!" Anyways, tonight The Nigga Network will be airing the aftermath to the episode I like to call "Brandon got mushed". Google that quote and all kindsa nigotry comes back. I'll be watching and tweeting my ass off. FUCK WITCHA BOY! Me, Fresh, Young Sinick, Kid Fury and other no good niggas will most likely be giving you feedback and our thoughts and random rants and other fly shit.

One question though:

WARNING: The material below is mean for no reason. Read at your own risks. Feelings are for pussies. They are just words. Vote for Obama and drink Colonel Bubble. [edited on 12/31/09]

Who is this Kyle stand in? That does not look shit like Kyle. Kyle looks like a HOT TRANNY MESS on TV. If a killer whale had mutant sex with a mossy, poisonous tree trunk, by fission and/or budding Kyle would be born. That's what he looks like on TV. This fella? That's not Kyle. Eh... And Brandon looks like a Muppet at all times.

Tune in at the 8/9/10 PM hour. I'm not sure what time it airs, I just know it's on a Tuesday. Tonight's is not only the aftermath of the mushing, but someone also steals Kyle ribs from Bobby Buford's BBQ Hut & Bingo Hall. After a failed eating disorder [thanks QUICK], I don't think he need too many ribs. Especially with the Cottle running rampant.

Maybe God's tryna tell you something.

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