Message From The Manangement

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Readers looka here... every now and again we gotta salute Solo the Dawn for her triumphant coolheadedness. Sure, she pops off about anything to anybody, but she's yet to bust her spike stiletto Doc Martins in my ass via broadband connection, so I'm grateful. And to show my gratitude... I wrote her a little poem. Here it goes:

Thank you. Thank you... Thank you... Thank you.
-The Person Behind LIL CREOLE PIMP 

And when I say "The Person Behind", I don't mean some unmask villain with a keyboard and newfound courage. I mean, there's literally a person standing behind him while he's at the computer... Matthew. He's currently yelling, "Finish ya damn typing, 'fore I take off my shoe, nigga!"

Ah. Another happy customer. Drive around. Come again.

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