One Two Step

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A while back, I mentioned that I like to get my coon jig on with the best of them, no matter how fuckery infused or nigga-made I might look while doing it. And I can't lie, I'm prone to looking nigga-made. I mentioned it in this post HERE and I've been on the hunt looking for a certain video ever since. I wanted to lace y'all with the 106 and Park Wild Out Wednesday version of it, but:

a) I couldn't find that particular video.
2) Y'all got enough bullshit to deal with and 106 and Park via YouTube wouldn't make it no better.

But since I can't give y'all the best, I'ma give ya what's left over. Here is a video of upcoming, rap sensation (in the vain of Soulja Boy-ish music) Lil' Speedie performing his hit record (in the streets of his city, of course) "Do Tha Hammer Head"

Control yourself. Don't hurt nobody tryna learn the steps.

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