I Give It An F for Fuckery

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Nowadays shit I find on major blogs [that spike my interest] I no longer bother reposting here, so y'all can get my point of view on it. But this shit right here that FRESH laced y'all with? I wanna call these two young thugs Jubilee & Blimpee. It just seems so befitting of them. Is befitting a word? Did I use it correctly?

I digress.

Fuck all that dancing. Not that I don't like dancing*, it's just that these moves they sticking is a lil' "Majah Werk". The HALLE BERRY jig ain't even that homo. These niggas stopped posed and gave face from the 1:15 to the 1:51 mark better than the bitches on Drag Race. Dallas's street cred took another hit today.

*I watched Wild Out Wednesday on 106 & Park on THE NIGGA NETWORK and I saw a dance called "The Hammerhead" that I found quite enjoyable. I highly recommend somebody to YouTube it. Thank you in advanced.

1 Response to "I Give It An F for Fuckery"

  1. me Says:
  2. new look, me likey! you stay swagger jacking Beyonceitis I see...SMDH!
    just j/k Baby D! it's looking real good better than the other heffo!