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Now I may SWAGGER JACK and I may get my tasteless kicks out of stereotyping a toddler into something he's not, but rarely do I break character, speak to you as I am, and use this blog as my own outlet to the people. But today, "The Management" was trollicking [trolling + frollicking] my all-time favorite BLOG [get in there!] and I found my new all-time favorite guilty pleasure.


Oh my damn... Geisha's song embodies my twenty-fo seventy sev mindframe. This chick is choking a bitch in her video... Then she said she'd Naomi Campbell you so hard, you'd hear the dial tone... probably for the rest of your life. Thank ya, thank ya, Lord I wanna thank ya... Geisha is a motherfucking poet and if I were speaking to you as LCP, he'd wanna hump her.

Where else can you find a female [rapper these days] who will get sexy AND violent... at the same damn time. Notice I didn't end that sentence with a question mark, because that was a rhetorical STATEMENT. You ain't gon' find another bitch like her. She got out on a bitch just for walking up to her with a question and the girl wasn't even beligerent to her. Usually, I woulda sat Geisha down and we woulda talked about when and when not to hit a bitch that walks up on you* but all I can say is go head on.

This shit here knocks... and you can knock a ho out while you arching ya back and cascading ya ass from left to right. Eat your pussy heart out, Trina. I was gone stick it out and work it out and stick it out and work it out and stick it out and work it out and wait for Lil' Kim to get back on her forreal, forreal, but now you can expect me to start a petition to get Def Jam to sign Geisha...

I mean, shit... She IS from 305... She can get Khaled to say "Who" and "Nigga" on her track along with about fiddyleven other niggas as featured artists. Rarely do I plan out another person's career, let alone a performing artist, but this chick needs the spotlight like O.J. needs parole.

Do she got a Myspace? I don't even fuck with MyFace of SpaceBook and I'm asking y'all about it. It's that serious. Don't pass Geisha off as the next hood, dick sucking ho... This is that real deal forreal forreal...

*Finger pointing, neck rolling, mouth popping, voice volume raising will get you choked on the spot... I throw down where I'm mad at. Who has time to stop and think about it during this recession?

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