Creole Fatal Attraction

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I wanted to round my day care friends and go see a matinee screening of the biggest blockbuster smash performance by a female lead since Kelly Rowland's portrayl of Kia in Freddy vs Jason. Disappointingly so, no go... Every screening in the tri-state area will be sold out further notice. I know I we all can do better things with my time like:

1. Learn how to recycle and go green.
2. Catch up on my Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
3. Audition for The Real World Saskatchewan
4. Wig crypt duty... I have SERIOUS competition.
5. Teach Tee-Tee her ABCs and enunciation.

Eh... Until further notice. I'm on ticket duty. Besides, I promised Zahara I'd let her see "That black lady whoop that nasty, white hoe's ass".

Black women...

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