I'm Only Doing This Because I Love Ya

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Black people, what the fuck gives? I was "enjoying all the drama" my Hadley street-esque life has to offer so I missed out on a multitude of niggardly things that happened in the past days. I wasn't there when Serena was about to turn that Asian lineperson into lo mein. I wasn't there as Kayne snatched that dick away from Taylor Swift and handed it to Tee-Tee. I wasn't there when Obama called him out his name for it. I wasn't there when Llama the Moses repped her set. I was there when Sheneneh caught that snowball to the face though.

I was living my life... I wasn't in the tweets. I wish I wasn't in the streets. I wish I was cuddled up somewhere with somebody doing something, which I probably was, but then again probably wasn't.

I don't care what Serena told that bitch. I don't care about Kanye telling y'all bitches and I don't care about Obama nor Lil' Mama dipping and dappening and don't know what's happening. I'm not here to give you my side of those stories. I'm here to ask all peoples of the Colored to do me a favor?

Can y'all do me a favor? What? You said yeah? So you gon' do it? For real? You gon' do it? You listening? Now listen good.

Do me a favor. Get a life.

Lil' Mama, Obama, Kanye, and SHEEVA all fucked up this week, okay? Let's not let another nigga fuck up. The black race just lost Michael, but the awareness of his legacy just gave us a whole lotta credibility for having the ability to be crazy yet creative and cool as fuck. Let's not fuck that up.

Mayne... If Reggie Bush knocks a nigga nose off at the fiddy yard lane...
Mayne... If Colin Powell calls my Grandaddy a "no good nigga" on CNN, somwhere..
Mayne... If my Granny come up to my daycare on "Back 2 School" night....
Mayne... If Hurricane Chris gets in front of another legislative body and thinks he's relevant?
Mayne... If my Momma get not a nahn nother crop job.

Maybe, just maybe... I'll have to disown all of y'all. Cut the check.

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