The Word. Hater. Leave It Home.

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The word hater, readership, is under my damn skin. Today Zahara called me a hater b/c she texted me some mo' shit 'cuz I told her to go brush her damn head. You can't find a comb, but I'm the hater?

A piece was written on why you nukkabitches need to get a life and fresh crackers and I'm here to share it. The homie and friend to the 'Chama Syndicate @JDANTV just lit a fuse under asses everywhere, trust me. If you have any disagreements go by this lil' ditty my homie says, "A hit dog always hollas!" I may be sick of the word "hater", but I will hate all of you if you don't read this post!

Peep a chunk of the best you'll ever read.

"The word ‘hater’ is tired. It’s worn out. It’s lame, and it’s following me everywhere I go...."
"There was a time in this country, and in the black community, where someone could express their dislike for something, and the recipient of that opinion would actually consider whether or not that person’s opinion was valid. Perish the thought in 2009."

For more scurry on down the yellow brick Hadley street road to NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS.

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