I Don't Care Either...

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I think I found out why Tony stopped calling...

Nah... There's definitely something wrong with his phone... To be on the safe side don't sit by yours waiting for it to ring. For good measure, I'm gonna ask Brandy Jesus to take the shopping cart wheel.

This post was almost a "Lost In Translation" exclusive, but I don't even understand the Creole Dynamics anymore...
"Then I remember being 16 and being like ‘Okay, I can still be smart and I can still have the same beliefs that I have, but I did not have to have red Rasta braids. I can do that with straight hair. I can do that with a ‘fro. I can do that with a weave down to my butt.’ That was when I first cut my hair off. When I was 18 I got a hot flash because I was pregnant with [Julez] and I was like ‘It’s hot as hell so I’m cutting this shit off."
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