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'Sup, pimps and pimpettes. It's the Mini-Pimp, Iceberg Criollo...

Not much to say since old pussy ass Gustav been giving my peoples problems. All of Houston is being flooded with the Nolians... no problems with 'em 'cept Young Mo-Mo from 9th Ward by the way of Zone 4 owes me gas money from that time we helped 'em 'vacuate. No problems with the Nolians, though. If I had a problem with them as a whole, why would I employ Juvie Jay to put y'all up on policital GAME?

But I digress.

Had to let y'all know that the boy is a finalist in the BlackWeb Blog Awards. It's too late to vote for ya boy. That ended on the 31st. I was meaning to post this earlier but I been sidetracked... Had to join my momma's security detail ever since she took her earrings off on that news reporter. Fake Frankie Cole got ticked off and [HIT HER UP] said she was gone "put her foot so far down Solange's esophagus, she'd be shitting stilleto spikes for a week." And I gotsa to protect my fam...

Again, I digress. That's why I've been so behind though.

Winner announcements come through on Thursday. CROSS YA FANGAHS!

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