Vacation Over... Time To Hustle This Bread

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Good news, G's & Gents... ladies and shawties. I was the second person in my fam to win an award. So I treated myself to a nice lil' vacation. No Kizzy mistying my shoes, no Millie tryna get me to boost her CDs, and no blogging. Sorry folks... I know y'all was experiencing a man down sitchuation but shit, whatevs. I'm back now... If you don't like it, you can go back to hell.

In true Knowles fashion, y'all finna buy my shit or another R&B chick will unexpetedly fall onstage, mid performance [see we do promote Millie].


1. I Love It When Ya Call Me Baby Daniel (intro)
2. I'm An Accelerated Reader
3. I Drinks Mah Similac Laced With Some 'Yak
4. Ur Mah Baby (f/ Ashanti)
5. Freak Me Baby (f/ Ashanti)
6. Do Me Baby (f/ Ashanti)
7. Baby To The Fourth Power (f/ Ashanti)
8. I Came To Break Shit
9. Fuck A Flashing Light (f/ Kanye West)
10. Desert Storm (f/ Uncle Joe)
12. You Noticed We Skipped Eleven
13. Big Pimpin' (The We Got It Like That 'Cause We Thuggin' Remix) (f/ Plies, Rick Ross & Bow Wow)
14. Audio Freeloadin' (ft DJ Khaled, DJ Felli Fell, DJ Unk, DJ Greg Street, and DJ from down the street)
15. Fuck What Ya Heard (freestyle)
16. Kizzy Ain't Shit To Me (skit f/ Tee-Tee & Momma)
17. Find Me In The UK (f/ Amerie & Kizzy)
18. Untitled (Outro)

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