Turn That Shit Up

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Tomorrow is Judgment Day. No, God isn't about to smite that ASS for buying up the bar til you can't no mo' at the Red Rooster on Two Dollar Drink Night and not putting no money in the collection plate the following morning. Tomorrow, Billboard may or may not acknowledge my momma's new COASTER.

Being Knowles, we don't stop... we don't quit. We have to put y'all up on game for the next release...

So my Granny got a HOT NEW CD coming, right? It's gon' be bigger than Rasputia drawers. Here's a cut from the record that didn't make the final tracklist.
My daughter's really different
Sometimes I think she's a goddamn fool
I made her stay in the kitchen
And help Kelly serve us food, ooh
My firstborn she's the breadwinner
The other one helps fix bread for dinner
Go head BABY! Go head baby
Just don't break my new stove...
Celestine "Big Red" Knowles - I Decided

Something like that...

ATTENTION: This is in no, way, shape, form, fashion, or fabrication a swaggerjackeration of Beyonceitis' Wig Crypt... I just got bored and thought some shit up, while I was listening to I Decided from my brand new copy of Sol-Angel & The HadleyStreetDreams that I just bought. (SHEEEEEEITTTTTTTT)

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