I Recorded This In A 13 Day Timespan

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If I learnt anything from 5Ton4Head's swag... I learnt that thou shall not drop ANYTHING whilst in a Beyoncé era. Not a single. Not a album. Not even a loan. You see what happened to Lehman Brothers? Tee-Tee got skills so crucial she got nigs filing bankruptcy. I bet you two dollars and a fake tracklisting of her new album that when she drops her new shit the economy picks back up.

But I digress.

Like I was saying... 5TonBrokeHead made me realize this. If you wanna do it big, you gotta do it in Tee-Tee's abscense. So I'ma drop ANOTHER on y'all lames. HURRY UP & BUY!

1. Random Rants (Intro) (feat. Gov. Sarah Palin)
2. It's The Remix, Baby (The Bitch I Stole Yo' Crayons Remix) (feat. Lil' Wayne)
3. Codiene + Pediasure
4. Hustlin' On The Playground
5. I Got That Good Burried Under The Swingset
6. The Jungle Gym 'Long To Me
7. RAUUUUS! (feat. Rick Ross)
8. Bobby By The Pound, Whitney By The Key (Miss Kelly By The Guap) (samples UGK's The Game Belong To Me)
9. Feed Me Arnolds Or Feed Me Beats
10. I Got All The Bitches (feat. Flava Flav & Missy Elliot)
11. Nickolodeon > Disney Channel
12. Worst Of One World (Fuck Miley Cyrus)
13. We Rock That Tacky Shit (feat. Granny & Tee-Tee)
14. If I Were A Carter

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