A Very Important Message From The Management

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Readers looka here...

Every now and again we like to salute a comrade (who shall remain nameless) whose birthday is today. Why are we saluting him? Because we use his likeness and his caretakers haven't slapped us in the face with one of Matthew Knowles' Stacy Adams of Injustice. Thank you, guys. Thank you for not kicking down my door and throwing Creole Seasoning in my eyes while Johnny Law put the cuffs on me. Thank you for not writing a song about me and putting it on the I Can't Clearance Mixtape. You've probably done that and I'll probably cry when I hear it, because I supported you by running out and buying my very own copy of Sol-Angel and The I Ain't Bought A Goddamn Thang.

You know it's hard out here for a pimp, when a pimp's readership wants a daily laugh and you just can't deliver. A fellow blogger once told me, there's only so many ways you can tell the same joke.

"Lacefront this. Bitch I stole yo' crayons that. I threw Mama from the train this. I play in traffic and hiss at photogs that."

I mean, cut me some slack readership. When I come across tidbits of that goodshit you know I'm more than willing to lace you up nice and properlike. But enough about that....

Happy fourth birthday, young toddler who shall remain nameless. Slap a ho for me, which is something you'd NEVER do so I'll change that to hiss at the paparazzi for me and if they tell you that's a great expression you slap them for me. That's something your mom would do.

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