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Ashanti: So like I was saying, all you need to do is entrepreneurize all yo' endeavors.

LCP: Oh, word?

Ashanti: Yep, take yo' drug game, yo' pimp game, yo' video games and hustle all that shit out the same trunk and then you gon' be able to pay for yo' own studio time and not rely on yo' fam... I mean look at what it did to every non-Blonde in your genus.

LCP: You make a good point.

Zahara: Can you hurry up?

Ashanti: Oh I'm sorry... Your total is $7.56... pull around, pay then pick up at the last window.

LCP: That sounds mad familiar, mayne.

Ashanti: Oh, you musta saw my interview with BEYONCEITIS ... we was talmbout you I think.

LCP: Yeah, I remember that shit. False identity, huh? I'll bust a dent in yo' ass and it won't be false. If I didn't have my girl in the passenger, I'd get out the whip, walk in there and start flipping tables and shit.

Zahara: Pull around, Dee.

*pulls around to the next window; pays for food; pulls up to the next window.*

Zahara: You always gotta be trippin...

LCP: Calm ya nerves...

Zahara: Don't talk to me like that, Dee.. I'm sick of  you talking down to me, like I'm one of yo' sidelines. I'm in the game... I don't ride the bench and I don't cheer for nobody. I ain't no sideline ho, Dee. I ain't one of them chicks in the streets that you throw in the sheets. I'm a lady.

LCP: Who said you was?

Zahara: Gimme my food!!!

LCP: You can stop holla'n!

*LCP takes food from the Marsha Warfield (google her) looking chick and hands them to Zahara, and puts the car in drive*

Zahara: Uhn-uh!!! Whatchu doing?!?!

LCP: What you steady holla'n fo' girl.

Zahara: How you gon' pull off and I ain't check the food yet?

*going through foods*

Zahara: No this good googly moogly Project Pat looking heffa did not give us both boy toys.

LCP: Here we go again.

Zahara *yelling at woman in window*: Excuse me miss... um... you didn't give me a female toy in my Happy meal. I am not leaving until I get one.

LCP: It ain't that serious.

Zahara: Yes it is, they got them My Little Ponies with the the lil' hairbrushes again. I want my shit! I want my shit! You finna gimme my My Little Pony and the toy hairbrush.

Woman Working Window: You need a damn hairbrush.

Zahara: No... she... didn't...

*Zahara opens the door and hops out the car, rushing towards the drive thru window*

LCP: I shoulda never got back with yo' ass.

*LCP burns rubber*

This has been "Boy Toy Happy Meal (skit w/ Zahara)" Skit titled submitted by SoulStolen.

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