Now It's Yo' Turn...

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...make me laugh, dammit.

Think you funny? Think you got jokes? Think YOU can make me double over with laughter?

A lie, nigga, a lie!

Using the comments sections, that you frequent but never manage to post in, fabricate your own lil' lies concerning my peoples, families, business associates, and undesirables. If you make me shoot Welch's from my nostrils in glee, I may break ya off a lil' something-something.



Also... I have set aside my beef with Beyonceitis, but it's just temporary. I still keep a small dagger in my boot holster for the day that bastard turn on me. But anyways, homie switched up the WIG CRYPT'S flow. That's a good look, better yet a hood look. They done redecorated and it only cost me $3460.98... Yep, I had to foot the bill, but don't worry... it's coming outta Kizzy's paycheck and Millie's album sales.

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