I Wanna See The Pictures He Got!

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Mariah... Nick... I'm laughing at you. Hard!

I did a spit take and everything.

Two CDs in one slot, drew the line. I was just so outta body experience for no fucking reason at two CDs in one slot. Damn, MiMi... What kinda butterfly is you? Cut the check. I'm packing my bags and moving to Alaska to occupy Palin's chair. Until further notice.

Eminem has slaughtered and shitted on you hoes. The thing is... Nick Cannon is sooooooo wack as a rapper, there's no way in cybernetic hell he could go harder than Slim Shady just went. See, Nick grew up with a stage mom, I'm sure... How else did he land that All That gig. Y'all remember him as LaTanya and Keenan Thompson as LaNeesha. Y'all know y'all remember, "I know you didn't. I think he did" LaTanya and LaNeesha. Or is that just me? My point is... Eminem was reared with all that hate and pent up anger and that coupled with Mariah denying and shit just fuels him to cut up on a diss track.  Mariah has fucked up. I repeat. MARIAH HAS FUCKED UP!

Clearly, she done messed with the wrong non-nigga. My thing is this... Why is she denying being with Em? What's that gonna do to her career? Who is Nick s'posed to be for her to deny? Eminem is waaaaay more famous than Nick? Is that supposed to fuck with his ego or something? Only reason white people know Nick [or the reason he's getting work nowadays] is because he's married to Moo Moo. So if that's the case, then yeah... It must fuck up his ego somethin' serious.

Cut the check.

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