You're Not A Sweet Dream, Ya Damn Self

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I'm sorry. I usually don't do this. I usually leave these kinda posts up to that other BLOG, but I'm getting sick of Jenny Craig flunkees and the facially unfortunate. And it's been one of them days...

I like it when people say, Beyonce never wrote one lyric she ever sang. Were you there when the song was being written? You know this for a fact, then right? Sure...

Songwriters don't need to sit down and write a song with an artist to have a hit song. They can write a song, in its entirety and shop it around. If it lands into a big name's hands, it may be rewritten. That's how said artists gets writing cred. Just because the song wasn't their brainchild, doesn't mean they don't deserve credit. If me, you, Keisha, and Shameka was all in the same science class and had a group project due and Shameka came up with the idea and Keisha came up with how we were gonna present and me and you did the bulk of the work that made everyone like it, don't you think me and you deserve as much credit for the project as the two bishes that birthed it?

But I digressed from the point altogether.

Choreographers come up with the dance routines. I don't know if they watch a video and go, "I'ma steal that bitches move, right there. That shit there shaaaaarp!"  I don't know this. I wasn't there when they birthed the idea, neither. All I know is when I saw it, I liked it, and I wanted to do something like it. Now that I think about it, I think that's how they came up with the idea for their routines. I don't know what you expect from an artist like Beyonce. I don't know why you expect her to write her own songs. I don't know why you expect every dance she does to be her own brainchild. I don't know why you expect her direct, produce, write, and hold the boom stick and cue cards in everything she acts in, neither. I don't know why you expect her sell weed, babysit, and do hair all in the same house, on the same night. Maybe you just expect more from her than you do everybody else.

This lady (questionable) sat there and said Beyonce stole somebody song and running 'round talking about she made so much money off it. In which interview did she say this? What channel? What day? What time? When, motherfucker, when!?

I need answers.

One more tidbit that kinda made my day was when she said she knew ladies in her church who could outdo Beyonce if given the same whatever(s). What are they doing that's stop them? Maybe they have jobs. These jobs may be holding them back from singing and dancing, because that's what they truly wanna do, but only get the proper showcase when they're in church singing for the Lord. I don't know. Maybe they just don't have the same drive and ambition. Maybe they never got the chance. Maybe they don't give a fuck. Like me, for example cause I really don't give a fuck.

She says people send demos to Matthew Knowles, hoping for their big break. Hmm?

Wouldn't it be something, if I sent a demo to the manager of Beyonce, regardless that he's her father. Sure, he'll listen to it and contact me and tell me how much he loves it and sort out time to see about me and mine. Sure... he has that kinda time.

HE IS BEYONCE'S MANAGER, YOU DUMBASS!!! He ain't got but a shit grip of time to himself. He is a busy motherfucker, so I doubt he has time to check snail mail that you send him. He has to sort her laundry, buy her wigs, yell at motherfuckers for for her, and watch Solange's son before he burns down the damn house. In comparison, what the fuck have YOU done lately.

Around this moment of the video, I stopped watching. Truth is my browser decided it had had enough of her shit, as well, and froze. After I restarted it, I decided I really didn't give a fuck about her and her opinions and my life would be okay if I just didn't finish listening to the fuckery.

But if you can manage to ignore the wreath she added, resizing itself to match her Gina Waters sized head, be my guest...

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