Drake Is Aubrey Graham's Sasha Fierce

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Please pay attention to the sixteen second mark, because you'll never hear him call himself Aubrey Graham ever in the history of ever again.

I remember hearing Drake rap, before he was "Drake". This was a while ago, before MySpace was even hot. I think it was on a song called City Is Mine and a line from it went something like: "You lookinglike a hater and I'm something like a waiter. With treys in both hand, take ya order, I can cater." If you don't get it, I feel sorry for your mother. But that's when I really thought he was a good rapper, but I didn't see him ever being mainstream. Mainly because he had that pesky past of "acting" to hold him back. But he sure proved me wrong.

About him hopping over to Young Money? Eh... I wasn't keen to it at first. Ex-actor hanging with a buncha ex-cons? I didn't see it, but eh... Proved me wrong again. Thats the thing about Young Money. I gotta hand it to 'em. Weezy F Crazy showed up in 2009, but I don't see Young Money as a label as much as I see them as a conglomerate. They not just looking for one type of rapper, much like other crews and labels have done in the past. Murda Inc was East Coast thuggetry that wasn't mainstream and boring as fuck. Disturbing Tha Peace was just a bunch of Luda's teabagged lackeys. I'd like to take this opportunity to say Luda is short. DAMN LUDA IS SHORT. The camera adds 10 pounds and apparently 5 to 6 inches of height. But I digress. I wanna just get to the point. Young Money is employing bunch of different kindsa rappers. You got Weezy, who is um... Weezy, Nicki who is mainstream as fuck but still a nice rapper, Tyga who is supposedly West Coast but is more of a Southern-East Coast hybrid material-wise, you got Drake who is borderline mainstream/borderline this:

And then you got the rest of them niggas whose name you don't know.

Back to Drizzy Drake Rogers. He once thought having a Benz and Beemer as a first car was pretentious, but if you ballin' like that... INDULGE. I wonder if that Acura will show up lyrically on Thank Me Later which is scheduled to drop any year now. He gave his Bubbe [is that nigga Jewish?] chocolate for cash. That's kinda like selling drugs, because I guess the chocolate could kill her. Knock on wood. Absentee father = Black card, for those mad at his biracial steeze. He said here he not about material possession, but still every now and again we gotta go on a 24-hour champagne diet.

Now you know who Drake was before he knew what a haircut was.

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  1. Nonie Muss Says:
  2. Yeah, he is Jewish actually. That fro & nose comes from BOTH sides.