This Just In: All White Everything, Basketball Edition

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According to THE HUFFING POST , there's a new way to segregate in Twenty10. A whites-only b-ball league is in effect for the summer. You read right! League commissioner Don "Moose" Lewis is opening a basketball league that will employ Caucasian players, born in the US to not just one but two Caucasian parents. That means ya mammy and ya pappy both gotta be WASPS and neither can be born outside of the 50 states (or maybe even the continental US, because we gully like that). Lewis claims he wants to de-sensationalize a lot of the antics seen in today's NBA like dunking and street ball that is played by "people of color". In other words, this cracker is sick of the Kobes and Garnetts and the African and European players coming and taking all the jobs away from his milky skin brethren. In other news, after the Republicans finish building the Great Wall of Mexico, they will also begin production to build a wall around basketball. Put ya lighters up if ya ready to see which white boy can get the most assists before the second half! If I wanted to watch boring basketball, I'd get season tickets to the Clippers or the Suns.

Why can't we just share?

UPDATE: The trip to me is... no foreigners. Because if anybody is ruining basketball is Canada's own Steve Nash.

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