Random Rant: 2010 Conduct

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Last year was... Bruh. I don't think I have to go over the craziness this year gave us.

If it wasn't for Lockup marathons, I wouldn't even bother getting outta bed. That's fucked up, yo. Me? The Duke of Dance, Prince of Party, heir to the Kreole Dynasty not wanting to get up and log on and steeze and walk the streets of Hadley and steeze or bust up in the day care and STEEZE!? I blame y'all.

All of y'all. Bloggers. Non-bloggers. Pseudo-celebs. Celeb-celebs. Formspring. All of' y'all. I feel like this random rant is only proper because you niggas and bitches and nukkabitches need guidelines to live by in this post-Y2K world.

1. For starters, if you personally know a celebrity [hoping you're not whoring for it yourself] tell them to STOP WITH THE BULLSHIT. You wanna know what made celebrities so... great? The mystery. Prior to today's media obsessed world filled with stalkerazzi and Twitter rants, we didn't know show about celebs if they or their people didn't tell it. You never watched Living Single, back in the day, and said "I can't stand Kyle because T.C. Carson is so gay. I can't get over that video of him voguing at the club I saw on YouTube." Of course, you didn't. We didn't know shit besides what we speculated, so what was... simply was what we got. What we got was what we saw. With any kinda entertainment, not just TV. Music. Fashion. Movies. All that.

Nowadays? It's like the more I know about these attention whore celebs the less I like them. The days before stannery, celebs were idols not in the sense that we looked up to them, but in the sense they were semi-perfect and did a damn good job in entertaining us. Today, celebs do more entertaining behind the scenes (unintentionally, but I could be wrong) as opposed to their um... day jobs. So how 'bout this? The celebs with potential go get some business that's not calling paparazzi for flicks, sending bloggers press releases and tweeting their cringe-worthy mundaneness. Creole! When ya lowkey real good.

2. If you wanna stand out in life, BE NORMAL. There are some people who are truly different. From the roota to the toota, they are strange on accident and don't care. They barely acknowledge it and it wouldn't ever get acknowledged if WE didn't bring it up. Most people though? Nope. They see a trend and try to set it but too late. Their quest to be different is everybody else's quest, too. In the end no one's really different. Everybody blends and the only ones that stand out are the ones frown up you and your highlighter hues and your Blade fade with the sew-in bang and the skinny jeans and your bumblebee eyelid locs. Tryna be Confucius and Solange and get a reality show and all that at the same time? You're thirtsty and by the time you get your shot, I hope you drown.

3. I don't know why but EVERYBODY WANTS CELEBREALITY these days. Regular folks with regular folk skills should have regular jobs. You aren't a rapper. You just see Lil' Wayne and 'nem doing it. You cannot act. You just wanna be on TV. You not important nor are you interesting. You don't deserve a reality show. How come nobody wants to be a doctor or a lawyer or a crocodile hunter anymore?

That's all I ask for in 2010. Less Ochocinco, more Johnson. Less Barbie, more accent. That's it.

: )

5 Responses to "Random Rant: 2010 Conduct"

  1. "D" Oncye Says:
  2. I totally agree with this rant esp. the first part...I think the fact that we know so much about these mofo's lives...thats what makes these project bishes go out, and buy Manolo vs. paying their $10 rent...or the fact that we know what kinda shyt they got in their house, MTV cribs, we go out and cop the same shyt..cause everybody wanna leave like these mofo's. I see the wanna be celebs every weekend in long ass lines at the club with yaki down their backs, with the same shoes they saw Beyonce with, and the same purse Tiny Mama Major sporting.
  3. diggable_chick Says:
  4. agreed...ive
    always said..people
    need to stop TRYING
    to be different and
    just BE themselves
    its way more exciting
    that way.

    nice post

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!
  7. maliasasha Says:
  8. I love this rant. BE NORMAL and stand out is killing me. Keep doing what you are doing because you are on to something. One Love.
  9. Anonymous Says:
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