Weekend Fuckery // Full Clip: Keke Wyatt's Snoozefest

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If everybody would kindly stand back and allow KeKe Wyatt's Gateway Arch eyebrows through the room. The Duchess of Daggers is back with a lukewarm single and I wanna be one less.The song ain't nothing to go crazy over and the Dollar Menu video has me, Geisha, and Scarlett all tumbling with laughter.

Keke, are you married? If not, you should be. That way Alicia Keys can steal yo' nigga, then you can get on Twitter and go crazy about it. Enjoy your shift at Zaxby's. Just put all the cutlery back where you found it, before you clock out.

6 Responses to "Weekend Fuckery // Full Clip: Keke Wyatt's Snoozefest"

  1. jdantv Says:
  2. You're wrong for the marriage comment, you know she would stab someone if they slept with her man. hahahah She is a really good singer though...but she's giving me tooooo much Ciara "Promise" in this vid.
  3. Lil' Creole Pimp Says:
  4. She can sing but lyrically this song is Vicks Vapor Rub. She needs some Ne-Yolow-Da-Dream in her world.
  5. M.J. Says:
  6. Her strong face.

    The dude's Lance Gross/Jason Weaver fusion face.

    The stalker vibe.

    Her Alicia Keys rock-n-sway.

    This video sucked.
  7. Au Naturale Says:
  8. not feeling the spandex..but she looks ggreat. i'm sure she paid for the reconstructive surgery after she played butcha woman on her hubby. lol
  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. I wish she got some better falsies for the black and white part
  11. Yo Mama Nem Says:
  12. Evidently, folks are still struggling in these tough, hard, economic, Beyonce-saturated, creole-driven times. It's people like yo' mama nem keepin hard-workin folks from makin a dollar or two. Hmph!

    ps - I would have chosen eyelashes from MAC versus Wal-Mart for a more realistic look for the lashes. And perhaps a more medium to full coverage foundation. And two apple pies for a dollar. #noshade