Full Clip: Beyaga "TracFone"

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Sony is busy pulling down every upload of Beyaga's new TracFone video that's on YouTube. Praises due to KID FURY since he virtually up'd the whole clip, with his funny comments and brilliant wig scheme. If you're not familiar with FURYTV, then what the fuck are you doing with your life? Enjoy the clip. He basically hit every note I was gonna attempt so... instead of reviewing the video I got this instead:


GaGa is known for putting on bird's nest, zebra hair and a giant pacifier and calling it fashion, so until viewing this video I didn't know what her face looked like. And after seeing it, I'm sure I'm gonna die in seven six days a la The Ring. While you count the minutes 'til our [you watched too, don't lie], let's list things Gaga looks like by the face.

-BLOSSOM [But that's not in my OPINIONATION]
-Captain Hook
-The Candy Man's hook
-Something I saw in Happy Feet
-Johnny Cage's elbows
-Synclaire after a Vodka Stinger
-The key Queen Latifah wore around her neck on Living Single [I'm sure I read this in The Bocks about Lil' Kim's nose, but I'm not sure to whom deserves the credentials.]
-My Momma after a Sammy Sosa
-Pretty much Amy Winehouse but blonder and less emaciated
-The family of squirrels living in Winehouse's beehive

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