They Reminisce Over You

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Still celebrating the 300th post mark over here on Hadley Street. Cousin Angie threw me a surprise party at Pizza Show Biz and the whole family came through. Except Tee-Tee, 'cause she's still on tour. I think. Well, that's what she told me.

ME: Hey, Tee-Tee.
TEE-TEE: Suh pahna, wuhchu uh too?
ME: At this party Angie threw for me.
TEE-TEE: Wah sha thochu o'par fa?
ME: I been real good on my blog, so congratulations was in order.
TEE-TEE: Chu toe muh tha blaw wun yoes.
ME: ... ... ... ... What blog?
ME: You on your way right?
TEE-TEE: Hell nah, nigga I'm on tour. *click*
-totally genuine mission eight phone conversation betwixt La Creole Familia.

But that's not the point of this post. This post is a celebration of progress because there was a time before Twitter where people could look past a pointless, stupid joke where somebody was "pimping her son" because "pimping runs in the family". And I KNOW that's true because "I knew proper capitalization and punctuation at the age of 3." Not sure what I'm talking about?

 CLICK THE PIC. Good times. Glad that's all "behind" me, though.

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. That's Sandra Rose??
    GTFOHWTBS!!!!!!!! No wonder this heffa always hatin/ Who the frukk scratched up her fo-head?? Where is her part??
    GTFO Now!!!!!