I'm Going Through Withdrawals

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Good fuckery is hard to find and good fuckery is in order. If you're like me then you miss watching Frankie & Neffe buy furniture and kick down doors looking for Clyde. I don't know where Clyde is nor do I know when Frankie & Neffe is coming back... But at least I have YouTube.

Cherish the fuckery around the 1:47 mark. : )

4 Responses to "I'm Going Through Withdrawals"

  1. kprince Says:
  2. Frankie is like my auntie in my head.. secondly lookin at this, I just realized I HATE BLACK HAIRED KEYSHIA!!!! that robot has no personality.. I miss red/orange/yellow/blonde/gold haired Keyshia that was all up into fights and arguin with frankie and writing "diary of a mad black woman" albums.. I dont like this stranger bitch running around here w/ a belly full of boobie's seed..
  3. maliasasha Says:
  4. Run Keisha Run...they gone try to take yo baby. Run and don't look back!!
  5. Anonymous Says:
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  7. Anonymous Says:
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