Danger. Smashed Outta Her Goddamn Mind

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I don't have much to say about this clip besides the fact that Danger is on the red carpet looking like Michael Evans. Whose money is Poprah spending to put together anything, even if it is for a good cause? And why wasn't Case invited!? Hide ya shanks. Bitches be tripping. Crazy.

4 Responses to "Danger. Smashed Outta Her Goddamn Mind"

  1. Writing Addict Says:
  2. This is a hot stanky leg, 1-800 she need some treatment on the real mess, smdh. She needs help it wasn't even funny.
  3. caligirl714 Says:
  5. Felipe Anuel Says:
  6. Mad at "bazaar behavior." What the hell was she doing trying to sell Dead Sea Salt Lotion and AAA batteries.
  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. ok that's fine, i just added up lots of fresh emo backgrounds on my blog