No Words Are Needed

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I just... I tr... Wh.... Click play. Blame FIVE27.

9 Responses to "No Words Are Needed"

  1. caligirl714 Says:
  2. Classic!
  3. caligirl714 Says:
  4. This comment has been removed by the author.
  5. OdotJdot Says:
  6. lmao high five. and your welcome sir.

    i almost fuckin suffocated from laughter the first time i saw this shit. WOOOOO lol
  7. Brokey McPoverty Says:
  8. officer raymond looks like he needs to be line dancin with the rest of em.
  9. Anonymous Says:
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  11. Rissa don't live here no mo'! Says:
  12. I love this!
  13. Anonymous Says:
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  15. dylantsmith Says:
  16. What.The.William "Refrigerator" Perry.Is.This.Fuckery. And why is that sum'bitch wearing a neck brace? Do extended benefits transfer over to quitting life? Cause I sure as hell just did.
  17. Nina Says:
  18. F'n classic... I'll prolly get fired for the outburst of laughter when Telly came on, but well worth it...