Rikers Island Though?

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Wayne should do the time to justify the crime [I see you, Jessie Jackson's rhyming dictionary], but Rikers? I don't know much about NYC other than my auntie herds camels there, but isn't Rikers like the top flight security prison? Or is it just depicted that way in art and film? I'm confused. Where my Daddy at? He could 'splain this. Wayne may not be one, but I still think he went down swinging like a real Creole. I don't know why but I always think of what's gonna happen to somebody on the inside. Will they run the jail or will they run from everybody in the jail. T.I. said when he was locked up he got much respect because he was a top flight security rapper, but will Wayne? Those pics of him kissing Baby may put some thoughts in Negroes' heads. I said Negro because it's Black History Month.

2 Responses to "Rikers Island Though?"

  1. M.J. Says:
  2. At least he didn't call for Obama like the rest of them illiterate fools...
  3. Rissa don't live here no mo'! Says:
  4. That KILLED me (people looking for Obama to pardon his wack ass).
    And Wayne is a little dude and says he's "looking forward" to jail so I hope he gets the FULL experience.