Sheree Disses Atlanta's Mindset

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Sheree and her fashion line have parted ways. Why? Because of Atlanta. Atlanta has got some fucking nerve. She by Sheree was the hottest thang on the market. I wore it. You wore it. Everybody wore it. By now you're standing and applauding like Obama is giving the State of the Union, but I need for you to please sit and let me finish.
"It's hard trying to find the right group of people to come together and help out. You can’t do it by yourself. It takes a team.

And being in Atlanta it’s very hard. If I was in L.A., if I was in New York, if I was in Paris, you have those type of like-minded people. I can’t find people with the same business sense that I have." -Sheree "Trix Are For Kids" Whitfield
Sham fucking wow. No one in Atlanta was helping her? I guess. I mean, she did do everything by herself. I don't know what show you watched. But that was what I saw.

This post was brought to you by extreme sarcasm. I doubt any of what Sheree said is true. I just think people would wear Shit by Charmin before wearing She by Sheree.


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  1. Dluxe1 Says:
  2. #Hositdown If I recall correctly, she did go to NYC to outsource. Found the hottest Asian in the GAME to sew her shit, and it was still looking like Bebe Outlet mall clearance. YOU FAILED BOO.