Al B Sure Niggas vs Al B Sure Niggas

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Michael Jackson is a prophet and I respect him entirely, but he's gone to the greater good. That's sad and all but now not nahn Jackson is in my way of taking over the world. Especially since Jermaine's Oil of Olay seed are busy taking each other out. Jafaar snuck up on Jermastey from the blind side like Cheaters! And cussed! Simpletons

Cut the check via RHYMES WITH SNITCH.

2 Responses to "Al B Sure Niggas vs Al B Sure Niggas"

  1. "D" Oncye Says:
  2. What da hell is wrong with Jermajesty fuck'n kids....they need sum serious help and attention.
  3. Rissa don't live here no mo'! Says:
  4. @ "D":They get it from their daddy.
    Gotta get attention somehow.