Isis, The Child Fucker, Strikes Again

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Her voice grinds my gears. By the looks of it, I'm positive somebody already hit her in the pussy with a hot oven rack. Explain her voice. I'd like to start off by saying no shit Young Money is broke. Who has done something besides Wayne? And Drake MAY have DeGrassi money but who was really making dollars over there? I mean he was still living in the basement at his mom's moms or whatever. Besides, Jori, Maui and nem been called that whole "Young Money's roster all sleep in the same bed" thing so...

But I esoterically digress. My real point is, if they so broke then why you fuck all of them? After fucking the first two brokies, clearly the first thing she thought was I gotta get some mo' of this famous broke dick. This apartment is a goldmine of famous broke dick that I must have! MUST!

Where are her eyes? Why she bragging about being paid after fucking Weezy? She bragging like she just invented prostitution.

About Lil' Twist:

The Carter Documentary released last year. I have it on my iPod. Yes, I watched. It was interesting. I'm sure I saw Lil' Twist in that joint. Weezy and co were telling some sort of dirty jokes to each other and Lil' Twist laughed at it. Surprised that Lil' Twist's young ass understood the joke Wayne asked how old was he. I'm POSITIVE I heard 15. I will rewatch it soon to confirm. I don't know when this was filmed, but it took place around the recording of The Carter III which dropped in '08. Now let's do some math. If he was 15 then and if two years have passed, he's 17 now depending on his birthday. So he's at least 16. If so, she fucked a 16-17 year old which may not be TOTALLY immoral but... I've argued this point already. Why beat a dead horse?

She is sad. Education is vital. If you look up to her, applaud her, wanna fuck her, etc... Don't cross the street. Go down the block.

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  1. Thowd Says:
  2. I just wish she would succeed at suicide this time