Why Does Ron Artest Cry For Mike?

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...this may be why. You can hate, but you know I love it. I admire the way he was texting his juvie and handling his Newport. His skill set is on some District 9 shit. You jealous? His parents proud. Be mad all you won't. Matter fact, today in school ['cuz I'm all up in the kindergarten nowadays] some broad sitting a few seats away from me was coloring and a pack of Kools fell out her fanny pack. The teacher wanted to scold her and shit talmbout the dangers of smoking. I told her "Don't save her. She don't wanna be saved. Let that guh smo'!"

She let me bum a square by the slide at recess. She ugly, though, so I ain't finna holla.

2 Responses to "Why Does Ron Artest Cry For Mike?"

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. You...are a fool.
  3. Marissa can help you with your Law Sue today! Says:
  4. Who's gonna save the children?