The Black Marge Simpson

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...wouldn't even start to describe this shit right here.

The homie, who shall remain nameless because I fear she will be shanked by one of these project chicks in the pic, sent me this after she returned from her night of fun and festivities at the Plies concert. My granny was there because according to the people behind Beyonceitis, Plies is my supposed to be step grandaddy. Granny nasty, but I digress. More after the jump.

The pic below is supposed to be a goon mask, a Plies trademark since, y'know, all male nurses wear goon masks during clinic duty.

Jerry's Final Thought: Now I know why those horses in The Ring was going stupid. Dumb dumb.

6 Responses to "The Black Marge Simpson"

  1. The Dior Monster Says:
  2. bruh...
  3. Sunshyne Says:
  4. *blinks*
  5. katchin05 Says:
  6. What hairdresser is responsible for this? I wanna set their shop on fire w Isoplus Oil Sheen, like those lil goth kids did HotTopic.
  7. Lil' Creole Pimp Says:
  8. WHO SET HOT TOPIC ON FIRE!? I'm sorry. Hot Topic is the spot.
  9. katchin05 Says:
  10. Aww! Boo, you thought I meant in real life!
  11. Anonymous Says:
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