I'ma Put You On My Team

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We interrupt this brief hiatus to give you the business....

Teyana Taylor... strong jaw or not... I'ma put you on my team one of these days. You heard 'bout me and Zahara, Teyana? I dumped her. Yep. Somebody  got a flick on YouTube of ya boy getting down with them bootylicious girls at the Esscence Music Fest like it was Freaknik. She was tryna throw shade on my game, rolling her neck and pointing her finger and click her tongue. She got WAY outta line. Shit, I drove my Momma all the way to Esscene Music Fest on my bike and I was gonna have fun like or not, Zahara. But anyway, Teyana, what's the deal? You gon' come fuck with your boy or not?

We ain't gon even talk about my Momma and her highlighter legs.


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