This Nigga Right Here

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Don't smile at me Monica. Do not. It's not the day. First, I came home from the playground and found my Momma cooking Ludacris a grilled cheese sammich... IN MY KITCHEN! I paid for that stove with my duckets. She ain't have a red cent to her name to buy no stove. I bough that with that MY dirty money... then I went Fresh's CRIB just to see these pics...

Where my shank at, yo? This ain't the business.

Lil' Rock, don't think 'cause you got reinforcements now that I'm s'pose to be scared. What? I'm s'pose less inclined to sneak up on you with a tree branch ready to start swinging like I'm on that juice. I ain't gon' mess with yo' brother since he young, but he can get his still dull mug skull drugged, cause I hull slugs. I ain't talking 'bout pests but I am talking 'bout laying yo' punk ass to rest.

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