Let Me Get A Sell Up Out Ya

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We interrupt this return of fuckery to give you a word from our sponsors:

From the people who brought you House Of Dereon, B'Day: The Deluxe Edition, The Beyoncé Experience, Miss Kelly, Miss Kelly: The Deluxe Diva Edition, Miss Kelly: The I Got Bills To Pay Edition, Dereon's Activator Spray made for Yaki, The Wig Crypt's "Ballin' On A Budget" line of wigs made from 57% human-hair 43% conflict-free yaki, Miss Kelly: The $1.99 Value Meal Compilation, Samsung's B'Phone, Samsung's B'Pager, Samsung's B'Telegraph System, Miss Tina's House of Fashions, Kizzy's wig at Solange's wedding and Fire Engine #5 Red lipstick comes the new "Lil' Creole Pimp's Creole Dictionary"...

Never before seen and not sold in stores, the LCPC Creole Dictionary is a collector's item like no other. Why should we continue to plug this product? You've had enough time to get your checkbook out by now.


Use only, credit, debit, check, and/or money order. No CODs. No IOUs. No cheeseburgers in brown paper bags.

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