Full Clip: Lil' Wayne - "A Milli"

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Sorry about the delay y'all... but Wig Crypt production is down 64% this week. With Kizzy, Millie & Momma tryna get they shine on, I been stuck looking for their temps. And until I can replace 'em, I gotta make it do what it do. Granny told me, "Get that shit done any way you can or I'MA SLAP FIRE from your ass."

If I gotta work another shift by myself though, I'm shooting that motherfucker up. Real talk. Coarse ass wigs ain't easy to brush.

Notice how I didn't say anything about the video? Yeah... don't play it. It's severly not worth it. I did notice that Cousin Angie is Wayne's dread wrangler. That explains her abscense as of late. This nigga already got a styrofoam cup holder. He don't need Angie. Get that nigga wearing the shirt that reads "NOOSE" to fix your hair Wayne. Or at least Baby. Hugging that nigga TOO hard, don'tcha think?

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