Lost In Translation

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Pretty Chrissy... I despise you. I hope one day you go in to kiss 5Ton4Head and she knocks her ass unconscious with her Superdome.

Anyways... Mr. Lisp kinda-sorta put his foot in his mouth when asked about his 'lationship with "It". When asked how Old Lady Chrissy and 5Ton get along, Chrissy said:

Yeah yeah, she’s real cool. They’re both light skin with green eyes, so…


They get along and junk. Mainly because she ain't dark skinned. Mama like when they eligible to stay in the house and not work in the yard.
Did I take it too far? Oh, well... Ain't nahn one of them Creole so... But what if 5Ton was Kizzy's skintone, not saying anything's wrong with that... but what if Kizzy was the chick you were gnawing on at the midnight hour?


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